Standing water spender

The perfect water dispenser in your office or your own four walls to keep your family happy, friends, customers or employees hydrated. Cold water with and without carbon dioxide, room temperature water and hot water are provided by our product.

With 1 or 3 buttons the water dispenser offers                       
once cold water or three different
possibilities (cold water with and without
carbon dioxide and room temperature water)

Internal drip tray with drain

Stainless steel keys (ANTI VANDALIC IP665)

Rugged construction

height of the water intake 990mm

Adjustable thermostat


UV treatment (water inlet)

Integrated UV treatment (water inlet)

LCD screen 10.2".


for the photo format JPEG or HD video with audio.

+ Remote control

UV - outlet

Additional protection is provided by the UV lamp at the direct water outlet. This provides additional protection for the unit and counteracts the growth of bacteria at the tapping point.

CO2 rental cylinder

(Dimensions bottles, 3,5,10kg)

365 days rent free incl. free delivery.
Our customers are supplied with BIOGON C (carbon dioxide) for the operation of the devices. The bottle is rent-free up to a maximum of 365 calendar days from delivery.

The be.pure Soda table-top water dispensers are made entirely of stainless steel and are therefore a particularly stable model. The be.pure Soda water dispenser's claim to sustainability is also reflected in the use of high-quality cooling technologies. Despite its small size, the be.pure Soda always supplies you with fresh drinking water and you can adjust the water temperature individually.

The nano-silver-coated outlet pipe reduces the growth of germs and also prevents other deposits, so that your water dispenser is hygienically perfect at all times. In addition, the units are equipped as standard with the unique thermal germ barrier to prevent counteracting germs. For special hygiene requirements, the units can be optionally equipped with the exclusive Hygiene Option.

As the be.pure Soda devices are pipeline-bound, you reduce the logistical effort of procuring and storing bottles or gallons and thus reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, the elimination of the production of PET or Mehrwegfl ashes saves resources.

A glass of water?
Sie wollen Sich auf ein
Glas Wasser treffen?