Water is more than what we think

Every organism consists to a large extent of water and exists only through its connection.

75% of our body consists of water.

"The principle of all things is water; from water is everything, and into water everything returns"
Thales of Miletus

A healthy organism only functions with a sufficient supply of water. Pure water is our solvent for our salts and minerals, it is our means of transport for our nutrients, as well as for the decomposition products that we want to transport out of our body again.

Our thermal balance is kept stable by sweating or breathing, and 2-4 litres of water are lost during the course of the day, depending on body size. We have to compensate this loss by sufficient water supply, because even small water deficiencies can lead to health problems.

What is molecular filtration?

Molecular filtration is based on reverse osmosis:

Molecular filtration is a filtration process in which single substances are filtered in the size of single molecules. This works by forcing the water through the membrane under pressure.

A membrane (from Latin membrāna "cuticle") is a thin layer of material that separates pure water from harmful additives.

This technology is used in the be.pure molecular filtration systems and ensures that almost all pollutants are removed from the water. Such as bacteria, viruses, pesticides, nitrates, fertilizer residues, medication and drug residues, salts and even lime are removed. 



Does water improve your immune system

Water can do wonders for your body, especially when it acts as a booster for your immune system. Thanks to the great properties of water, you can use this extremely versatile natural immune booster to improve your health and well-being.

The importance of drinking water cannot be overstated given its endless benefits for your immune system. You can start by simply drinking enough water, especially if you feel like you're going to be ill.

Drinking clean, pure water is one way to get and stay healthy!

Water helps to transport oxygen to your body cells, resulting in properly functioning systems. It also removes toxins from the body. So if you drink more of it, you can prevent toxins from accumulating and having a negative effect on your immune system.

Removing all negative particles in your system and the germs surrounding you is just another way that water can come to the rescue.

The water you ingest or use to clean and remove harmful toxins and germs should be free of unwanted chemicals and harmful contaminants!

For your own good and the good of your families, you must ensure that you receive water of the highest quality, that your immune system is strengthened and that it helps you to function optimally.

Dolomites - Taste of Austria

You can recognize a really good water by its taste

For this, minerals are the most important component, because neutral / distilled water has no real taste. Therefore it is important to us that only high-quality minerals are used in our be.pure molecular filtration systems.

The dolomite (chemically CaMg(CO3)2) provides us with the right amount of magnesium and calcium for this purpose, which is why the right dosage gives us the typical be.pure taste. This corresponds to good, clear spring water.

Important functions of calcium and magnesium

Calcium is responsible for stable bones and teeth:
Without the mineral, the skeleton would become brittle and we
couldn't bite hard anymore.

Muscle function: The muscles need calcium,
the change between tension and relaxation
to be able to carry out. Magnesium also plays an important
an important role.
Nerve function: Even the nerves would be damaged without
sufficient calcium.
An imbalance in the calcium balance can lead to
nerve dysfunction or even psychosis
because the mineral ensures the smooth running of the
Signal transmission between nerve cells -
and thus for a clear mind.
Blood clotting: During blood clotting, calcium
also has his fingers in the pie. Without sufficient
calcium, bleeding was difficult to stop because
the blood clotting factor cannot form properly.

Energy metabolism: For your performance is
Calcium is also essential. The energy metabolism
would be pretty paralyzed without the mineral.

Defence against allergies: Calcium is involved in
prevent the absorption of histamine in the tissue and
is therefore often used against allergies. So
the body can bring full power, finds a
automatic calcium balance in the blood takes place. If the
calcium content in the blood, the body uses the
Calcium storage in the bones to compensate for the deficit.
It is hard to believe how important magnesium is for the organism: restful sleep, the ability to concentrate, muscle performance - these are just some of the processes in the body that cannot function optimally without the mineral. In short, magnesium has a hand in just about everything: Nervous system, blood circulation, cell supply, protein build-up and immune system would come to a complete standstill without the micronutrient.

No plastic

Become a friend of the environment with be.pure.

Every year 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans. 
Each and every one of us can help reduce this amount, because in
On average a family household produces 30-40kg of pure plastic waste
just by using plastic bottles. 
The best solution is a bottleless approach which leads to a
global turnaround.

ECO FRIENDLY LIFESTYLE - Protect our planet Protect the ocean

Each individual can ensure that this quantity is reduced.  
You ready to break up the plastic?

The key parameter defining the purity of water

The purity of water can be recognized first by its electrical conductivity. The lower the conductivity, the purer the water. The sum of all ions or salts dissolved in the water is measured.

This measuring method was first developed by Professor Dr. Claude Vincent, who was commissioned by the French government to research the relationship between the mortality rate and water quality.

It was found that in areas with hard water, the frequency of heart, circulation and cancer diseases is much higher. After his research from 1950 to 1974, Dr. Claude Vincent was able to prove that water rich in foreign substances with high electrical conductivity is unhealthier than water with low conductivity.

According to Vincent, water has a harmful effect already from a value of 280µS/cm and therefore has no detoxifying and purifying effect. The World Health Organization (WHO) currently allows a maximum value of 750µS/cm. A value of 400µS/cm is currently demanded by the EU.

Enjoy your tea with be.pure

Who does not know the annoying edges of the tea mug?
As soon as the tea is ready, the first edges are already visible and we take them as natural. But the edges are not caused by the tea bag as often thought, but are nothing else than depositing pollutants that have already been in the water. These pollutants are also often visible floating on the surface.

Tea discolors due to the pollutants in the water.
Tea with be.pure remains in excellent condition and allows you to enjoy the tea without any impairment.

On the picture above you can clearly see the difference with black tea.
Black tea is not named after the colour of the tea that we have in our heads but is derived from the leaves. If you see black tea in the advertisements or on the packaging, you will also notice that it has an orange / gold colour. This special note and color you can easily get with the water from be.pure.

Left: polluted water
Right: with be.pure

Lime edges, adieu!

ou are certainly familiar with the problem that in the kitchen a household appliance often goes on strike or calls in every month because it has to be descaled again.

This is now over, because with be.pure++ you have a clear advantage. Thanks to the constant water quality without limescale, regular descaling of the household appliances is no longer necessary.

Even annoying limescale edges, which often form when you have water in a glass, carafe or vase with flowers for a longer period of time, no longer occur.

Do you know annoying limescale marks?

- Carafe
- Kettle
- Coffee maker
- Glass
- Bottle

With be.pure++ lime edges, adieu!


Saving money sustainably

Do the math:

A household with 4 persons needs 6-8 liters of water daily. This corresponds to about five water bottles (1.5l) per day.

Depending on the brand, the water bottles cost between 30 and 90 cents. If we take the average value and calculate 5 times, we get a value of 3€ per day.

That is 1095€ per year and a pure plastic waste of 42kg. Start saving money with be.pure++ already after 1-2 years.


Humanitarian project: Clean drinking water in Uganda

We are currently supporting a project in Hungary in cooperation with Helioz GmbH. For every be.pure++ system sold we donate one WADI™. 

WADI™ is a solar-powered UV-measuring device that measures the process solar water disinfection (SODIS) in a PET bottle 
illustrated. A laughing smiley indicates from which time the UV rays of the sun disinfected water can be drunk. assa

Solar water disinfection is a natural process in which the UV radiation of the sun deactivates pathogens in the water. All that is needed is PET bottles filled with contaminated water and placed in the sun for a while. The duration of this disinfection process is variable and is determined by the UV intensity of the sun. WADI™ was developed to illustrate this process and to make it accessible to the affected
to bring people in southern countries closer together.






School projects - water revitalizes. Water moves.

Especially children love to move around in the water and drink it in clear, pure form. If water is offered completely without additives - e.g. after an intensive exercise session - children notice how good pure water tastes and what forces it mobilises in the body. be.healthy! be.happy! be.energetic!

Perfect for a new, positive learning climate.

Drinking water should always be present and ready to be enjoyed.
Maximize physical performance with clean water
Increasing the energy supply
Expansion of brain functions
Calorie control
Pure drinking water increases learning curves, productivity, work performance.
Bottleless water dispensers reduce health risks,
ensure a healthy school, offer more protection from
pathogens and fewer infections thanks to a
sophisticated and hygienic sanitary technology - made by be.pure.
Once installed be.pure provides many advantages.

  • Waste avoidance 
  • Space saving
  • Less transport
  • Saves energy
  • Saves food

be.pure for the protection of our planet, our oceans, our climate
and the shaping of our future!

A glass of water?
Sie wollen Sich auf ein
Glas Wasser treffen?